About Us

Comprehensive perspective, integration of specialty, overall optimization, collaborative implementation

Zhejiang Yibaisui Group Co., Ltd. is located in Pujiang Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Pujiang Economic Development Zone, north by provincial scenic area immortal Huashan, South adjacent to Pu Yangjiang, to Hangzhou Jinqu Highway export only 5 kilometers, from YiWu Railway Station, Yiwu Airport 10 kilometers, close to the Yiwu International Trade City, convenient transportation, geographical environment is very advantageous.

The company is an enterprise group engaged in health product research and development, production and sales, advertising, real estate development and other industries. The registered capital is 47 million yuan. The fixed assets were over 100 million yuan and the total assets amounted to 220 million yuan. From the field of health products, the company has expanded to the advertising industry and the real estate industry. It has been involved in real estate projects in Pujiang, Shanghai, Henan and other places. In Pujiang, the real estate has been successfully developed 200 thousand m2.

The company is a provincial top 100 technology enterprise, a backbone industrial enterprise in the county, a large taxpayer in the county, a provincial level enterprise with a credit rating of AAA.