Comprehensive perspective, integration of specialty, overall optimization, collaborative implementation


1982, the three Pujiang garment factory was created. The products sold well all over the country and entered the Beijing department store, which were exported to Russia and other places, and became the leading enterprises of the textile industry in the south of Zhejiang.

1993, the Pujiang hi tech Industrial Development Co., Ltd. was set up.

1997, the "Zhejiang Jianxin group" was formed, and the "one hundred year old" Jianxin oral liquid was developed jointly with the East China Normal University in Shanghai, which has brought the gospel to the "high blood lipid" group.

2001, in cooperation with Shanghai's air administration, Shanghai successfully developed the commercial street of Guo Ji Road.

2002, the Group Co operated with Hongkong natural gemstone factory to acquire 375 mu of land in Pujiang.

2003, Zhejiang daily Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established. The group company renamed it: "Zhejiang one hundred year old group".

2004, the Shenqiu rich capital Co., Ltd., Henan Province, was established to develop a large commercial and residential project with a building area of 230 thousand square meters, marking a comprehensive entry into the real estate industry by the one hundred year old group.

2007, the Zhejiang Shengzhou one hundred year old Co., Ltd., and the one hundred year old Cci Capital Ltd in Dongyang, Zhejiang Province, have developed a real estate of 400 thousand square meters.

2008, the group changed its name to "one hundred year old group".

2009, Pujiang long live Automobile City Management Co., Ltd. was established; Pujiang Motor City opened.

2010, the one hundred year old Liaoning urban construction Cci Capital Ltd and Zhejiang Shengzhou port Garments Co., Ltd. were set up.

[Once received honor]

• 500 of the largest private enterprises in the country

● The top 100 scientific and technological enterprises in Zhejiang

● Zhejiang provincial contract, heavy credit AA Enterprises

● Zhejiang Health Goods Industry Association governing unit

● Winning the title of China's outstanding enterprises in 2005