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Congratulations | Zheng Wengui, chairman of China centenary group, won the 2021 Liaoyang May 1st Labor Medal and 2020 advanced individual in attracting investment

Source: Zhejiang Yibaisui Group Co., LtdPublished time:2021-03-04

Recently, Zheng Wengui, chairman of China 100 year old group, was awarded the 2021 Liaoyang May 1st Labor Medal by Liaoyang Federation of trade unions and the honorary title of 2020 Liaoyang advanced individual in attracting investment by Liaoyang Municipal Party committee and municipal government.


Zheng Wengui was born in Sanzheng village, Zhengzhai Town, Pujiang County in 1953. He graduated from the Central Party school and is now the chairman of China 100 year old group. Before starting his business, he served in Pujiang County commercial bureau and Pujiang Second Light Industry Bureau, and successively served as Jinhua environmental protection inspector, Jinhua Pujiang CPPCC member, honorary director of China gerontology society, Permanent Honorary President of Singapore Malaysia Thailand overseas Chinese Federation, etc. In 1983, Pujiang No.3 garment factory was founded, which became the leading enterprise in the textile industry at that time.
In 2019, chairman Zheng visited Liaoyang County for the first time to investigate the situation of xiaobeihe socks. After many demonstrations with Liaoning shoes chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang trade association and Wenzhou Packaging Enterprise Association, he planned to build a "Northeast Asia light industry base" project in Liuerbao town and xiaobeihe town of Liaoyang County Based on the existing industrial bases of xiaobeihe socks and Liuerbao shoes of Liaoyang County. The project can lengthen the industrial chain, improve the industrial supporting facilities, reduce the increased costs to enterprises due to the lack of existing industrial chain, optimize the production environment, improve product quality, improve product market competitiveness, promote the cultivation of origin brand, enhance the industrial market position, and promote the development of enterprise scale.
The total investment of Northeast Asia light industry base project is expected to be 5 billion yuan, with a land area of 1200 mu. The first phase investment is 3 billion yuan, covering an area of 600 mu, focusing on the construction of standardized plants, customized plants and supporting facilities. After the completion of the project, more than 500 small and medium-sized enterprises will be introduced. It is estimated that the annual output value will exceed 6 billion yuan and the tax revenue will exceed 500 million yuan. Up to now, the first phase of Northeast Asia light industry base project has a land area of 313 mu, a construction area of 290000 square meters, a started area of 156000 square meters, a main completed area of 120000 square meters, a completion acceptance area of 87000 square meters, an investment invitation area of 80000 square meters, and 51 enterprises have signed the settlement agreement. The first batch of enterprises are expected to officially settle in June 2021.
Chairman Zheng Wengui made full use of his reputation in the "Yangtze River Delta" region, took the lead in business investment, actively contacted Hangzhou Songcheng group and other light industry and cultural tourism enterprises to visit and invest in Liaoyang County, and successively entered the park around more than 10 projects of Northeast Asia light industry, such as hosiery machine, cotton yarn, cotton yarn, polyester yarn, e-commerce, etc To build a brand of light industry in Northeast China.

Liaoning Northeast Asia light industry base is a comprehensive industry base which is committed to the combination of entity and network and coordinated development of the whole industry chain of socks industry. After the completion of the base, it will provide a multi-functional comprehensive service platform including production, R & D, office, product display, cultural innovation, personnel training, technical exchange, life support, etc. for the enterprises and supporting service providers. At the same time, we should effectively improve the industrial chain, solve the problem of "two ends out" in the raw materials and sales of xiaobeihe socks industry, improve the product quality, create the brand of origin, and guide the socks industry of xiaobeihe town to scale development.